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Why Did God Send Me To Hell?

Why did God send me to hell? I believe there are a few specific reasons why God allowed me to experience a vision of hell. I’ll discuss those in more detail in this podcast episode.
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On The Verge Of Hell

There was a man in prison who was so desperate, so hopeless that he had decided he was going to take his own life. By chance, he came across my book, 23 Minutes In Hell, and realized that he would end up in an eternal prison if he did not know Jesus Chri…

Do People Have A Body In Hell?

Do you remember the story of the man in Luke 16? Because of this story, we know that in hell, or Hades, a person has a spirit body. It still requires water, they can feel the fire, they speak, they have eyes and a tongue, and they endure torment.
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Are Aliens Real?

Is there life on other planets? Are UFO’s real? If so, where are they from? What does the Bible say on this subject? With all questions, keep in mind that everything a Christian believes must be validated by the Bible. 
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Warnings From God

There are hundreds of warnings throughout the Bible given to protect, preserve and instruct us. Too often we look at the warnings of God as a reason to fear. Many people even resent the notion that God warns man about hell. 
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Where Is Your Faith?

Did you know the Bible says that faith is a requirement? For the Christian, learning to walk by faith is critical to growth and revelation. The Bible says, God has given to every man the measure of faith (Romans 12:3). It is up to us to develop our faith…

Unshakeable Hope

A Christian who becomes crippled by fear has forgotten that there is always hope for those who know Jesus Christ. There is always hope for those whose eternal salvation is secure. 
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Is Holiness A Requirement?

Is Holiness a requirement for the Christian? The answer is yes. First, there is a holiness that comes through our Salvation provided by Jesus Christ and second, there is a holiness to our character. This practical holiness is up to us.
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The Rapture – Truth or Fiction

What is the Rapture? It’s a catching away of the Church either before, in the middle of, or at the end of the seven year Tribulation period. Some that say because the word rapture is not in the Bible it isn’t true.
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Will All Christians Be In The Rapture?

If we are a true born again child of God, you probably believe that God will include you in the rapture. Is this true or will God only take some of His children when that day comes?
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