Is There Life After Death?

Hell Testimonies

At one point in everyone’s life, they will ask the most important question:  “Is There Life After Death?”

Most of these people didn’t expect to die when they did. We all somehow think that death won’t happen to us but one day, it shows up at our door. These people all walked the earth just like us. They had their goals, their plans and their families, and in a moment it was over. Approximately 250,000 people die every day. The question is, where are they now? Many do not even want to discuss the afterlife. They will carefully plan their few short retirement years, yet put no effort into researching where they might spend their eternity. If we wait until we end up here, it will be too late.

You might say, “I don’t believe in an afterlife.” If that’s the case, then you have to ask yourself these questions: If there is no afterlife, then will we never see our families again? If there is no heaven or hell, then there are no consequences for our actions. There would be no rewards for those who sacrifice and no punishment for those who deserve it, especially the child abuser, the murderers and the “Hitlers” of the world. Would that be just? And if there is a heaven, then are we simply entitled to go to this perfect place?

It is usually stated at a funeral, “they have gone to a better place.” That may be the case for many but is that the case for all? Why do we assume that heaven is automatically achieved? The reason is because many people think they are good people so they expect to end up there.  But if going to heaven is based on “being good” whose standard of good are we using? Yours and mine may differ. Since it’s God’s house we’re talking about, it stands to reason that it would be based on His standard. His standard says that if we lie once, steal one thing or have one lustful or foolish thought, it would exclude us from heaven. That’s a pretty high standard. So that leaves all of us out.

Heaven and God are perfect so He cannot let us into heaven the way we are because we would corrupt it like we have the earth. We have to be given a new heart and a new spirit. That only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ, not by being good. Suppose you found the most expensive home in the country and you knocked on the door. Suppose you said, “I’m moving in with you because I’m a good person.” What do you think the people would say? No! Right? You wouldn’t expect them to. You have no relationship with them. You don’t know them.

Yet people go through their entire lives and they have nothing to do with God. They deny Jesus as the Son of God, which He said is the only way to His house. Then at the end of their life, they come and knock on His door and say, “I’m moving in with you because I’m a good person.” What does good have to do with it? You don’t know Him. You see, God offers to be our father through our entire lives but we reject Him and push Him away. God is our Creator but He’s not our father until we invite in Jesus as our Savior. Then He becomes our father. Now we have the privilege of living at His house. Good has nothing to do with it.

If people still want God to judge their lives on whether they were good enough or not then He will give them that opportunity. He will play back their entire lives for them, their every action, every thought and every motive. Do we really think we would look all that good before a Holy God? I know I wouldn’t. If we will be honest, most of us would admit that we are not all that good even by our own mediocre standards. God is a just and a fair God and He gives everyone countless opportunities to accept His Son throughout their lives. No one will be in hell because they didn’t know. They knew the way but they decided to reject the truth. They push Him away over and over again.

If we would be humble enough to admit that we have sinned, ask for forgiveness, turn from our sin and acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior that is our only way into heaven. Jesus Christ Himself said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” But because He loves us He gives us the right to choose. He gives us a free will. We are all only a heartbeat away from eternity. I urge you to think about this because there are no second chances once you’re in the graveyard. It will be too late. The question I have for you is, “Will you gamble your eternal soul on simply your opinion or will you trust in God’s word? What will you decide?”

If you want to know for certain that your name is in His book, you can know that right now. God is offering you the opportunity. Acknowledge your sins and ask for forgiveness. Invite Him into your heart and ask Him to be your Lord and Savior. Pray from your heart. Pray this or something similar with your own mouth:

“Dear God in Heaven, I know that I’m a sinner and I cannot save myself. I believe you died for my sins on the Cross, but you rose from the dead. Forgive me of all of my sins. Come into my heart. I believe you are the Son of God and shed your blood for me. I ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit Who empowers me to overcome sin, obey Your instructions and now walk in the new life You have for me. I denounce Satan and all his works. I forgive anyone who has ever hurt me. Thank you for saving me and taking me to Heaven. In Jesus name.”

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By Bill Wiese, author of
23 Minutes in Hell