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The Power of Giving Thanks

One of the best ways to show God we love Him is to be thankful. When we express our deep gratitude to Him, it actually invites His presence onto our lives. We hope today’s podcast will be an encouragement to us to develop a lifestyle of thanksgiving rega…

What God Told Me About Hatred

In my book, 23 Minutes in Hell, I describe the demons I encountered during my vision. They had an extreme hatred for God, and the same level of hatred for me. Demons hate God but they can’t hurt Him, however they can hurt His creation. 
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Were Giants The Result Of Demons?

There were giants on the earth at the time of Noah and the great flood, and afterward as well. The question is, “Where did the giants originate?”
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What Did Jesus Say About Hell?

What Did Jesus Say About Hell?

Regardless of how much the world may water down the truth about hell, there is one important fact that cannot be overlooked. Jesus Himself spoke about hell in 46 separate Bible verses. Will we believe those who ignore scripture, or believe what Jesus sai…

What Jesus Told Be About Witnessing

During my vision of hell, one of the things Jesus said to me was: “My people make excuses why they don’t witness. They say, ‘I didn’t feel led.’ They fear man rather than God.” What does it mean to fear God rather than people?
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Does Satan Rule In Hell?

Does Satan Rule In Hell?

The Bible indicates that Satan has a kingdom, but what does it consist of? Some say that Satan is the ruler of hell but in studying this topic we may be surprised to read what the Bible actually says.
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Visions of Hell

Visions of Hell

There are many other people who have also experienced a vision of hell like myself. These visions caused them to have a fervency to win the lost and to serve God all of their lives. 
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The Reality Of The Dark Side

If you visit a psychic, engage in tarot card readings, dive into horoscopes, or even play with a Ouija board, you are playing with the dark side. These things all seem harmless and even enjoyable but you are actually inviting the presence of demonic spir…

Should We Question God?

Many people today are quick to question God and His love for people because there is a hell. Is it appropriate to use our limited understanding to judge the God of the universe?
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A Strong Delusion

We are living in a time and day where people are quite frankly, under strong delusion. Many consider themselves to be of the Christian faith, yet do not hold steadfast to the actual teachings of the Bible.
In this episode Bill and Annette share current s…