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Hell Testimonies

I am a science major in a top school program. I strongly repelled the notion of God previously. I considered myself a smart girl and a good person, but it was hard to believe the Bible and God. Then I got sick and started praying with a partial faith that Jesus would show me something to help me believe in Him. Somehow I came across your testimony on YouTube.  You totally convinced me. I know why God picked you Bill.  Just seeing see how sincere, serious, shy and reserved you are and how you left your career, made me believe in you and the loving/weeping arms of Jesus. I have gone from “religious people are weak and have a lack of science knowledge” to “I love Jesus and I am willing to give my life to Him. He is so full of wisdom. How dare I compare myself to Him?” God used you to save me. I believe in your testimony, hell and God. – C.Z.