A Reason to Live

23 Minutes in Hell

Your video has really changed my life. A bit less than 2 years ago I was considering suicide.  I had been living in the world for a long time and I was very ill and tired.  I simply could not see any way out.  I was looking on YouTube for ways to kill myself when someone I know said not to do it, but to look at Bill Wiese’s video, 23 Minutes in Hell instead. I watched it and I got scared.  I knew if I had died, I would go to Hell, so I called a friend who was a Christian and asked her if I could come with her to church.  I did and I gave my life to Jesus shortly after that. My life has completely changed.  Now I live for Jesus and He is my every thing.  I am an artist and a rapper and now I use that for God’s glory.  Thank you so much for your video and testimony.  God used it to reach me.  God bless you. – T.B.