Why Share Christ With Others?

There are five reasons that hinder people from sharing Christ with others. There are also five reasons why people should! Let’s start with why they don’t:

  1.     People become complacent. It’s not a priority.
  2.     They fear man rather than fearing God.
  3.      They don’t understand the severity of hell.
  4.      They don’t feel they have enough knowledge.
  5.      They don’t want to offend anyone.

A lot of people want to be perceived as tolerant of everyone’s beliefs, which seems like a compassionate stance to take. However, tolerance is not to be confused with compassion. To really have compassion is to warn someone when they are on the wrong path. We should be considerate and kind but not be tolerant of all beliefs, especially false ones.

Here are five reasons why people should witness:

  1.     Obedience (Jesus commanded us).
  2.     Without faith in Jesus Christ, people will die and go to hell.
  3.     We love God and people.
  4.     Most don’t know Jesus is the only way.
  5.     We glorify God. 

Why do so many ignore these reasons and not share the way of salvation?

There was a Barna report titled, “Reviving Evangelism” in March 2018 which said, “Why are Christians so reluctant to talk about their faith?  The overarching cultural trends of secularism, relativism, pluralism and the digital age are contributing to a society that is less interested in religion and that has marginalized the place of spirituality in everyday life. 47% of millennials state that it’s wrong to share ones personal beliefs in hopes that one day others may share the same faith.”   

In 1993, nine out of ten, or 90% of Christians agreed it was their responsibility to share their faith. Today just 64% say so. That represents a 25% drop.

As believers, we all qualify to share our faith. It is not our great ability, biblical knowledge, or gift of speech that saves a person. It is the power of the Gospel.

Romans 1:16, “For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation, to everyone that believes.

There is no need to fear that we might not know enough, or fear looking foolish. It is not in our strength. It’s the power of the Gospel and the power of the Cross. We simply deliver the message. Let’s also remember that our life example is our greatest witness.

Start first by praying and asking God to help you. Be willing and look for opportunities. We can always share with people what Jesus has done for us. Ask people about themselves, and then listen. Sometime during the conversation, ask them if they have a spiritual background? Is someone you know going through a tough time? Offer to pray for them. Be sensitive to others around you as you go to the grocery store, hair salon, work, car wash, or any activity in your sphere of influence. We can pass out gospel tracts, volunteer in an outreach at church, and continue praying for those who are lost. This is how we live for Christ. Our obedience is worship to God.   

Life on earth is short when compared with eternity. The last thing Jesus said to me after my 23 Minutes in Hell was “Tell them, I am coming very, very soon.” He repeated Himself and said again, “Tell them, I am coming very, very soon.” We can look around and see that we are living in the last days. Many people are hurting, hopeless and hungry for Truth. Let’s spend time with Jesus each day, then step out and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. Remember that the only thing we can take to heaven with us are people.

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By Bill Wiese, author of 
23 Minutes in Hell