What Happens When I Die?

23 Minutes in Hell

Many people write to me and ask, “what happens when I die?” I’ve written a book called What Happens When I Die and in it, I share 34 true stories of people that have had near death experiences or clinical death experiences and what they saw. Many of them saw heaven or hell.

I write about many other things in this book and I also share a true story about a near death experience that I had. I’m not referring to my 23 minutes in Hell vision that God gave me. I experienced an actual, near death experience.

My wife and I had gone to see a nutritionist and during the visit, she gave me a vitamin to take. The next day, we were going on a ministry trip so I took the pill at 5:30 a.m. before leaving for the airport. My wife and I were on the freeway, in six lanes of traffic, traveling at 70 miles per hour, when I said to my wife, “I don’t feel right.” Then suddenly, I passed out at the wheel of the car.

My wife had to get her leg over the console and maneuver the car across six lanes of traffic to get us off the freeway. It was a miracle she was able to do that. God protected us and kept us alive. She called 911 and the paramedics came and pulled me out of the car and laid me on the side of the freeway.

Suddenly, I was viewing myself sitting in a chair, watching my life on a movie screen. It was going by at a very fast pace but I was able to absorb all of it. Everything I ever did, everything I ever thought and every motive I ever had was recorded on this film. As it approached my current age, the film slowed up and stopped, and then I came to. Lying there on the side of the freeway I heard the paramedic saying, ”His heart is down to three beats a minute, pre-cardiac, pre-cardiac!” I had almost died.

I learned that everything we do in life, every action, every thought we have is recorded on a film. As believers, our own film will be shown to each of us at judgment day. This is one reason each of us needs to have an eternal perspective and consider the afterlife.

James 4:14 states, “Life is but a vapor.” It is so important for us to realize that life is short. Choose to live a lifestyle that pleases God because it will count for all eternity.

The question is, “Do you know where you will go when you die?” Click here for information you need to know in order to make an informed decision for your eternity: https://soulchoiceministries.org/how-to-get-to-heaven/

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By Bill Wiese, author of 
23 Minutes in Hell