Treasure Hidden

Treasure hidden in plain sight. Why do I say that? Well, have you ever thought about why there is no chapter on baptism? There’s no chapter on prosperity. There’s no chapter on healing. Why is that? Why is it spread out within the Bible?

Proverbs 25:2 says, “It’s the glory of God to conceal a thing, but it’s honor for kings to search out a matter.” In other words, God hides His word and distributes it throughout the Bible because He wants us to seek it out like hidden treasure that it is. It shows Him great honor when we are willing to dig into the word and study it. Like Proverbs Chapter 2 says that, “Seek after wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as if its hidden treasure.” God wants us to consider it as hidden treasure.

If I told you there was a hundred million dollars buried for you, and gave you a treasure map, you would do everything to follow that map. You would be diligent to dig for that treasure. That’s how God wants us to consider and treat His word. He hides it not from us, but for us.

 Another reason is found in Isaiah 28:13 where it says, “The word of the Lord was unto them line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little.” God distributes it similar to the military, when they want to send a signal across the available bandwidth, and they expect hostile jamming. They spread it out. Wikipedia explains it, “…spread the radio signal over a wide frequency range. The spreading code or the frequency hopping pattern is often unknown by anyone for whom the signal is unintended, in which case it obscures the signal and reduces the chance of an adversaries making sense of it.” They want to hide the message. They don’t want it to be intercepted. That’s what God does with His word.

1 Corinthians 2:7-12 says, “But we speak of the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world unto our glory, which none of the princesses of the world knew for, had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. But God has revealed them unto us by his spirit, that we might know the things that are freely given to us by God.”

In other words, God spreads His word out across the available bandwidth because He’s expecting hostile jamming. What is that? Well, it’s the enemy. If the enemy had known the ways of God, they wouldn’t have crucified Jesus. God provided His word for us to find and understand it, and yet hid it enough so the devil would not understand it, otherwise he would tried to stop God’s plan for humanity through Jesus. That’s why God spread it out and hid it.

God brilliantly hides the truth well enough that we can still find it when we dig and search for it, but does not let the devil find it. Jesus said in Matthew 13:35 says, “There were things kept secret from the foundation of the world.” He revealed the seven parables as the kingdom, and certain things were totally hidden until Jesus came..

One example of hidden treasure in the Word is found in the first genealogy of the Bible in Genesis 5. It says, “Adam begat Seth, Seth begat Enos, Enos begat Lamech” down to Noah. In the Bible, all names have meaning. Abraham means, “Father of many nations.” Adam means “man.” If you write out the definition of each of the names in the first genealogy and string them all together, it says, “Man is appointed mortal sorrow. The blessed God shall come down teaching that his death shall bring the despairing rest and comfort.”

God hid the salvation message in the very first genealogy of the Bible. That is awesome! It shows God’s interest in souls right from the very beginning, and there are literally hundreds more of these treasures to be found in the word!  The Bible is masterfully engineered and constructed. Every letter is placed there by design…by divine design.

Every wondered why there are four gospels? Did you know that the book of Matthew addresses the Jew, Mark addresses the Roman, Luke addresses the Greek, and John addresses the church? Matthew records what Jesus said, Mark records what he did, Luke records what he felt, and John records Who Jesus said He was. Matthew presents Him as the Messiah, Mark as a suffering servant, Luke as the Son of man, and John the Son of God. Matthew takes us to the resurrection, Mark to the ascension, Luke to the return and promise of the Spirit, and John to Jesus return. There are significant differences. Everything is engineered and designed. Nothing is by accident. It’s all placed very clearly.

When you attend a church that teaches the word of God correctly, these treasures will be unearthed for you. The opposite is also true. Attending a church that does not teach the word correctly can lead to harm. For example, what did Jesus mean when He said in John 11:4, “This sickness is not on the death but for the glory of God.” Most churches would teach that, “you are suffering in this sickness for God’s glory.”

That kind of thinking prevents a person from resisting the devil, standing against his schemes, and claiming healing for their body. Because of just one verse, people believe will that sickness is for God’s glory. That’s what most churches around the country believe. However, if we just read on to John 11, verse 40, Jesus said to Matthew and to Martha, “Said I not unto you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God.” The glory of God was the raising from the dead not the sickness. The sickness wasn’t bringing glory. It was the raising from the dead that they would see the glory.   

Many people will pray, “If it be thy will then God will heal me.” That’s what most churches teach. Where did they get this idea? They take this from Matthew 8:2,3. When the leper came to Jesus he said, “If it be that will you can heal me.” What did Jesus say? He said, “I will.” People quote the leper, not Jesus. He told us His will all through the Word. His will is to heal. In just the book of Matthew, Jesus healed nine times. It said He healed all that came to Him. He never turned away one person. It’s clear through the Word that it is His will.

 In response to sickness people will also quote Psalm 34:19 saying, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers him out of them all.” Well, that’s true. He does deliver us. But we also don’t want to use this verse as an excuse for expecting to be afflicted. It says in Psalms 107:17, “fools because of their transgressions and their iniquities are afflicted.” That doesn’t mean we’re not going to go through attacks and some challenges in our life, but we don’t take on an attitude of expecting bad things to happen. Fools, because of their transgressions, are afflicted. We want to learn by the word of God, and avoid living as the foolish do.

David said in Psalms 119:67, “Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I keep your word.” We don’t want to go astray. We want to stay right with the word of God.

One of the first treasures I discovered in the Word was to rise up early in the morning and pray, and read the Word first. It shows God that He’s first in our life. Mark 1:35 says, “Jesus rising a great while before day prayed.” Jesus is our example and He rose up early and prayed.

David said in Psalms 53, “In the morning, will I direct my prayer.”

Job 7:18 says, “you visit man every morning.”

That’s a special blessing. In other words, God is saying to you, “If you get up early, I’ll come visit you see.” The flesh wants to sleep in, so it takes effort and intention to get up early. God’s coming by your house to visit you in the morning and He doesn’t want to find you asleep, because He wants to bless you.

It also says in Ezekiel 12:8, “In the morning came the word of the Lord unto me.” He’s saying He’ll give you a word. He will come by with a word for you. Just one word from God can change your life and bless you.

This video excerpt is from Bill’s video teaching, Treasure Hidden.

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By Bill Wiese, author of 23 Minutes in Hell