There Is Only One Way To God

Some people say that Christians are narrow-minded. They believe that all roads lead to God.

Let me give you an analogy that might help you to understand why there is only one way to God:

If you invited me over to dinner to your home and you said, “Bill, I want you to drive south on Highway 95, then turn right at Main Street, and go up the hill. You’ll come to my house. That is the only way to my house.”

I respond to you and say, “You know what? I think I’m going to go to north on 95 and I’m going to get off at Beach Boulevard because I think all roads lead to your house. That’s what I think.”

Naturally you would tell me, “Bill, you’re not going to get to my house. I’m trying to give you clear directions to my house but you want to come another way. There is no other way.”

In the same way, God gives us clear directions to His house. I think God knows where He lives. All we have to do is follow His clear directions and we will get there. That’s not being narrow-minded. That’s being specific. He’s trying to get us to His house.

Now you might still say, “I don’t buy this one-way business you Christians have.” Well, you should quit complaining that there’s only one way and be grateful there is a way. God made a way where there was none.

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By Bill Wiese, author of 
23 Minutes in Hell