The Sound of Hell

23 Minutes in Hell

The Sound of Hell

The Lord gave me a vision. In 1998, I experienced 23 minutes in hell. One aspect of hell that adds to the horror of what a person sees and feels, is also what they are forced to hear in this place of torment.

When I heard the screams in hell, it was a countless multitude of people in complete terror.  Have you ever heard a blood-curdling scream? If you’ve ever been so frightened, and so desperate thinking that you might die, you may have experienced this.

It’s different. Take that terrifying sound and multiply it millions of times.


In this world, people may scream from fright, delight or from being startled. But these screams are due to untold terror penetrating your very being.  A survivor in a concentration camp or prisoner of war may have heard or experienced these types of sounds due to torture.  It’s a sound none of us would ever want to hear let alone endure it for eternity.

This is just one of the horrible aspects of hell. If you think hell is a joke, I encourage you to read what Jesus had to say about it. Are you really going to base your eternity on simply your opinion?

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By Bill Wiese, author of 23 Minutes in Hell