God Is Always On Time

Bill Wiese


During one of the times I didn’t have much money, I thought for certain I had $500 available in my checking account. I always had what I called a “float” just in case I needed it. Well, on this one particular occasion, that was all the money I had left and I had a bill that had to be paid in the amount of $445. I wrote the check for the amount due and mailed it off. Only after, did I balance my checkbook and realize that I did not have the float amount I thought I did! I had already used it and I had just not taken the time to balance the checkbook. I prayed, “Lord! I’ve sent off a bad check and I don’t have any money to cover it. I’m up to here in debt! But You have never let me down Lord.”

I continued praying, walking the floor, and praying, “Lord help me, I need help, I don’t want this check to bounce.” About three hours later, praying all the while, the phone rang. I picked it up and a woman on the phone said, “I’m looking for Bill Wiese.” I said, “That’s me.” She went on to say, “You had an escrow with us 15 years ago. There was an overage amount we never gave you and it got lost in the file. We just found it today.” I said, “How much is it?” She said, “It’s for the amount of $546.” That check was exactly enough to tithe and pay the $445 check I had mailed! What are the chances of them finding a check owed to me 15 years later, in the amount I needed? God is so faithful and He is always on time!

Excerpt from Bill’s book, Recession Proof Living



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By Bill Wiese, author of
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