Fear in Hell

Bill Wiese

Fear in Hell

During my 23 Minutes in Hell experience, the level of fear I encountered overwhelmed me. The Bible tells us that fear is an evil spirit (2 Timothy 1:7). It is not merely an emotion. The fear level is so far beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

Psalm 73:18–19 says, “Thou castedst them down into destruction… They are utterly consumed with terrors.”

TERROR AND FEAR CONSUMED ME IN HELL. I have mentioned on numerous occasions how everything good comes from God, including His love, which casts out all fear. There is no hint of God or His love in hell.When I share about my 23 minutes in hell, I also mention being attacked by a shark when I was younger. While surfing, a shark pulled me down underneath the water. This was absolutely terrifying and yet, it paled in comparison to the fear I felt in hell.

Being held up at gunpoint, seeing horrific things in war, being attacked by a wild animal, or remembering the moment before a car accident all produce intense fear. However, the fear in hell never lets up. It never ends. It literally surrounds you like a thick cloud and penetrates to the depth of your soul. It is completely incomparable to anything on the earth.

Why are so many afraid of dying? Because they are accountable to their Creator, Almighty God, and have never made peace with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. Facing eternity without receiving forgiveness for our sins is the ultimate fear.

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By Bill Wiese, author of 23 Minutes in Hell