Election Response – Time To Pray

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Election Response – Time To Pray

Many people feel an overwhelming sense of uncertainty following last week’s election. There is an atmosphere of unrest, complacency, and deception moving through the nation. There is no denying the corruption and inconsistency prevalent in our political arena. The evidence of vote tampering is undeniable regardless of what the media would have you believe.

If you are a Christian, your response should be to pray as never before. This crucial spiritual battle for our nation and our electoral process will only be won on our knees. The lies, and hatred that have been railed against our President is unprecedented.

It is a time to pray for our President, his family, and his team. It is time to stop the unbiblical judgment of his character and personal past, and recognize the Godly principles he is fighting for. Every human is guilty of sinful thoughts, sinful words, and yes, sinful deeds. We are all flawed human beings. What do you really know of his heart? Do you know he calls on the Lord for help? This truth comes from Pastors close to the President who have prayed with him numerous times. Do you know his deep desire to help every American regardless of their background, past, race, or beliefs? The President’s accomplishments prove this fact.

As believers, we must live by a higher standard. We must search for and obey God’s Word. We must examine ourselves, repent, and pray. We must call on the Lord God Almighty to expose darkness, ruin evil plans, and bring justice quickly. Do not be moved by what you see. Guard your heart and your tongue, and have faith in God.

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By Bill Wiese, author of 23 Minutes in Hell