Does God Send His Children To Hell?

God doesn’t send anyone to hell. People send themselves to hell with their own words. Jesus said in Matthew 12:37, “for by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” Revelation 21:8 says, “all unbelievers shall have their part in the lake of fire.” Those are warnings. People deny that Jesus is the only way to heaven, even though Jesus said He is the only way. Their words are in direct opposition to His words therefore they sentence themselves to hell.

Some people say that because God is loving He would never allow His children to suffer in hell. That is true. But those going to hell are not His children. All people are God’s creation, but not everyone is God’s child. God created all people, but if someone rejects Jesus Christ, then God is not their Father. Jesus said in John 8:44, “You are of your father the devil.” Strong words. And these were the highest religious leaders of His day, the Pharisees. The people in hell are there as a result of a spiritual decision. They rejected God’s gracious offer of salvation through Jesus Christ, and to be accepted into His family. 

These Bible verses tell us who are God’s children:

  • Romans 9:7-8, “Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called. That is, they which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the seed.”
  • Galatians 3:26, “For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.”

According to this verse, it is our faith or belief in Jesus is that makes us children of God.

  • John 1:12, “But as many as received him, to them gave he the power to become the sons of God.”
  • 1 John 3:10, “In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.”
  • Ephesians 5:1, “Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children.”
  • Ephesians 1:5, “God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ.”

Jesus is speaking in these next verses:

  • Matthew 13:38, “The good seed are the children of the kingdom, but the tares are the children of the wicked one.”
  • John 17:9, “I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.”
  • Luke 8:21, “My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.”
  • Matthew 5:45, “Love your enemies…that ye may be the children of your Father.”
  • Luke 20:36, “Children of God, being the children of the resurrection.”
  • John 12:36, “Walk in the light, that ye may be the children of light.”

Here Jesus speaks of the other father:

  • John 8:38, “I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father. Ye do the deeds of your father. If God were your Father, ye would love me.”
  • John 8:44, “ye are of your father the devil. And the lusts of your father ye will do.”
  • Matthew 23:31, “ye are the children of them which killed the prophets.”
  • Matthew 23:15, “ye make him two fold more the child of hell than yourselves.”

A child of hell is someone who is a child of Satan. He is their father. Most people don’t realize that if they have not received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they are not in God’s family. By default, they come under the authority of the only other father, Satan.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary, pg. 1752, says, “They served the devil while they lived, and therefore are justly sentenced to be where he is, as those that served closest are taken to be with God where he is.”

The MacArthur Commentary pg. 1386 reads, “Their conduct towards Jesus demonstrated that their real father was Satan.”

And page 1667, “only those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ are God’s true spiritual children.”

How terrible it would be to live with the devil, the demons, all those who rejected God, and every murderer, liar, child abuser, and rapist who ever lived. 

It’s so important that believers are salt and light in this world so we can influence those who are in darkness. Through Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross and His resurrection the gift of eternal life is available to everyone.

2 Peter 3:9 says, “He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

When we turn to God, ask forgiveness for our sin, and receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, THEN we become children of the Living God.

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By Bill Wiese, author of 23 Minutes in Hell