10 Years Later…

23 Minutes in Hell

It has been ten years since the release of the book, 23 Minutes in Hell.

When I first had this vision of hell that God gave me on November 22nd, 1998, I didn’t want to share it with anyone. I only shared it with one close friend and my mother. It spread from there and we began getting invited to speak all around the country. I went reluctantly, as I did not want to be identified as someone who claims they went to hell.

For the first seven years after this experience, my wife and I paid our own way and didn’t take any money from anyone whenever I was invited to speak. After that time, a publisher approached me and asked me to write the book. This was not something I wanted to self promote. Also, I was making a very good living in real estate and didn’t want to take the time away from work.

In my vision, I was at first tumbling through the air spiraling down this long tunnel. Then I entered this open cavern area, and landed in a prison cell with rough, hewn stone walls and bars. It was burning hot, smoke filled, filthy, dirty, and resembled a dungeon. There were demons tormenting me. They are vicious and grotesque creatures. They have no mercy whatsoever.

I saw an enormous pit of fire filled with people that looked like skeletons burning. Most of hell is so thick with darkness, and piercing screams that you cannot bear, coming from the countless thousands. The stench was the most foul, disgusting odor, like an open sewer and burning sulfur.

When Jesus rescued me, I didn’t want to ask Him any questions. I just wanted to thank Him over and over.

However, eight different questions came to my mind and He would answer my thoughts. I will share only one here. I thought, “Why did you send me to this horrible place?” He said, “Because many people do not believe that hell is real; even some of my own people do not believe that hell exists.” That statement surprised me, as I thought all Christians believe in hell. But I have found out since that many do not.

The reason I wrote this book, 23 minutes in Hell, is I wanted to list all the Biblical references about hell. There are over 150 verses that describe what I saw in this vision. It is not important that you believe my experience, but that you believe the Word of God. I am just a signpost to point people to the Scriptures.

There really is an afterlife and heaven is not our default destination. This book brings the subject of our eternal destination to the forefront and enables us to make an informed decision.

In the Special 10th Anniversary Edition of 23 Minutes in Hell, I have added four additional chapters and one chapter answers ten of the most difficult questions many people have asked me over the years.

If you are already a believer, it will equip you with answers, give you an eternal perspective and draw you closer to God. This vision changed my life, and this book will change yours. May God bless you.

Now available in store: Special 10th Anniversary Edition of 23 Minutes in Hell