Truth vs. Fiction Bundle


In his follow-up book Hell, Bill Wiese digs even deeper into the topic, providing a complete and ready reference for anyone who wants to know more about the reality of hell. Bill also describes his entire 23 Minutes in Hell experience on DVD.

(English: Paperback)

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In the book Hell: Separate Truth From Fiction and Get Your Toughest Questions Answered, Bill expounds on his 23 Minutes in Hell experience. He also tackles your most common, most important questions head-on, with thorough, biblical research and fascinating additional stories. Some of the questions addressed are:

  • Do People in Hell “Cease to Exist?” – Annihilationism
  • Are People Eventually Saved Out of Hell? – Universalism
  • Is the Fire Real or Metaphorical?
  • Hell, Hades, Sheol, Gehenna – What is the Difference?
  • How Can Demons Torment When They Are in Torment?

Bundle includes:

(1)  Hell – (Book)
(1)  23 Minutes in Hell – (DVD)

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