Just Hours To Live

Imagine your doctor has informed you that you only have hours to live. Your disease is in the final stages. Most likely you will not last through the night. What is most important to you during the last remaining hours you have on this earth?

We all have questions about the afterlife but someone on their deathbed will be thinking about very different things from the person who is healthy and living a busy, full life. Spending cherished moments with loved ones, and putting our financial affairs in order are prominent thoughts for all however, these questions also take on a new urgency:

  • Is there life after death?
  • Is there a heaven and hell?
  • Will I go to heaven?
  • Will I go to hell?

The  arrogant, demanding questions diminish in these last moments. Facing death tends to humble most everyone.

Listen as Bill and Annette delve into this topic on this podcast episode.

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