Is Anyone In Paradise Today?

In Luke 16 Jesus gave an account of a rich man in hell. In doing so He revealed much information to us about hell and a place called Paradise, which is also referred to as “Abraham’s Bosom.” We know that t his story was not a parable, but an actual account of a true story for two reasons:

1. No parable has a name mentioned. This has three, Abraham, Lazarus and Moses.

2. In verses 25 and 29 Jesus indicates “Abraham said” and then continues to tell us the words Abraham spoke. Jesus is quoting Abraham. If it were just a parable, then Jesus would have been lying to share words that Abraham had said. Since Jesus is no liar we can be sure He described an actual incident.

The question is, “Is anyone in Paradise now?” 

Listen as Bill and his wife Annette share more in this podcast episode.

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