Born In Sin

Every one of us was born in sin. When God commanded man to follow His instructions back in the Garden of Eden, He warned Adam what would happen if he disobeyed. His disobedience was sin. Adam took on a sinful nature and could not enter Heaven. 

Because of that, all mankind has a sinful nature and that sin has passed down to every person ever born. You might think it’s not fair that we all have to suffer for Adam’s sin long ago but every one of us would have sinned too. Humans prove it every day with our sinful thoughts, actions, intents and attitudes.

This is why we all need a Savior. We are all doomed to die and go to hell if left on our own. Adam brought death to every man, and Jesus brought life to every man if they would receive Him and obey Him. Thank God there is a way to be forgiven, and a way to heaven.

Bill and Annette provide greater biblical insight on this subject in this episode.

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