Will God Use You?

Will God Use You?

We live in a temporary world, so we’re primarily focused on temporary matters. God wants us to become primarily focused on eternal matters. One of the most important eternal matters to God is to win souls. God wants you to win souls!

That’s our purpose. God wants everyone to go to heaven and He will use us if we allow Him to.

You have the power of Christ, the power of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Cross, and the power of the Gospel within you! That power is what equips you to be a soul winner! God equips us with all of this power to reach people with the message of salvation.

When you realize how horrible, how severe hell really is, you will have an urgency to share the Gospel. You must remember you are backed by all of heaven and all of God’s power to go out and win souls.

May God give us a heart like He his own, filled with compassion to do what He’s called us to do. Let’s all decide to be about the Father’s business.

Yes, God will use you!


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By Bill Wiese, author of
23 Minutes in Hell