The Man Who Went to Hell: 23 Minutes in Hell

The Man Who Went to Hell: 23 Minutes in Hell

Have you ever found yourself wondering what happens after death? Is there really a hell, and who goes there? Over 20 years ago, Bill Wiese experienced something that would change the way he viewed both life and death forever. Bill spent 23 Minutes In Hell. Since his experience, he has become known worldwide as the man who went to hell.

23 Minutes in Hell

In his book, 23 Minutes in Hell, Bill Wiese describes in detail the experience that changed his life. This was not a dream or a near-death experience. What happened to Bill on that November night was a vision, as described in 2 Corinthians 12:1-2. Bill had a vision of hell. With electrified senses, he felt the fear, the hopelessness, and the torment. This vision impacted his future in a way he never expected.

Bill’s Experience in Hell

On November 23, 1998 after returning home from a prayer meeting, Bill went to bed as usual. During the night, he awoke to get a drink of water and then fell to the ground. His spirit left his body and suddenly he was pulled down to hell, landing in what he describes as a dark prison cell. He immediately felt indescribable heat, and encountered hideous creatures pacing back and forth, cursing God. He witnessed raging fires, physical agony, putrid smells, and agonizing screams around him

During the vision, Bill was suddenly overcome by a bright light lifting him upwards. He immediately knew that it was Jesus, rescuing him from this unbearable place. He was given a new appreciation for the Cross and his salvation, as well as an even greater desire to share his faith with the hurting souls in the world.

Bill Wiese’s Ministry

After writing his first book, 23 Minutes in Hell, Bill realized that the need for awareness in this area of ministry was great. In 2007, Bill left a successful career in real estate to pursue full-time ministry, along with his wife Annette. They have inspired countless believers around the world to be bold in sharing their faith. Bill believes that if Christians are aware of what hell is truly like, they will pray for and pursue unbelievers with an even greater fervency. Bill continues to share this important message through any platform he is given, both Christian and secular.

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