Our Purpose

Ministry Purpose:

The purpose of Soul Choice Ministries (SCM) is three-fold. First, our heart is to share information with people about the afterlife so that they can make an informed decision regarding their eternity. The percentage of those of us who will die is 100. We are all not going to get out of this alive. The question is: Do you know where you will spend your eternity? Heaven is not our default destination. There needs to be a purposeful act on our part. Jesus Christ died for our sins on the Cross, rose from the dead and trusting in Him is the only way to heaven. We can never be good enough to attain heaven. Salvation is a free gift, but we have a free will to choose it, or reject it. God doesn’t send people to hell. Jesus said in Matt.12:37, our own words will condemn us. It’s not His decision, it’s ours.

The second reason SCM exists is to encourage Christians to have a heart after God, and understand that we are all called to share the way of salvation with others. God expects us to go into the entire world and let people know the truth of His Word. And He holds us accountable if we don’t. When we understand how severe hell really is, we will have more of an urgency and compassion for people.  We will watch for every opportunity to share God’s love and truth with them.

The third reason is to teach Christians how to develop Godly character, learn God’s principles, and how to apply them to every decision we make. We want others to learn how important it is to obey what He commands us. God’s Word is not to restrict us, but to liberate us, and give us the guidance we need to live successful lives. He gives us the ability to obey His Word and be a blessing to help others. 

Let’s all spend more time with Him, gain an eternal perspective and make our lives count for eternity.


Ministry Purpose