Lives Transformed

Through your continued support, we are seeing lives touched and transformed! Here are just a few of the testimonies we have received over the years.

Never too Young

I am 15 years old and I just read your book, 23 Minutes in Hell.  When I got to high school, things got harder. I’ve been drawing away from God.  I didn’t really involve Him in my life.  When I read the book (in one day) it immediately changed me. I felt like I just wanted to be with God.  I immediately prayed with God after I read it.  I’m so happy to know that God does care for me and love me. I wanna thank you so much for that book.  It saved my life! I am sure that book is changing so many lives and soooo many more people are going to be with God because of what you saw and are sharing. – J.

A Reason to Live

Your video has really changed my life. A bit less than 2 years ago I was considering suicide.  I had been living in the world for a long time and I was very ill and tired.  I simply could not see any way out.  I was looking on YouTube for ways to kill myself when someone I know said not to do it, but to look at Bill Wiese’s video, 23 Minutes in Hell instead. I watched it and I got scared.  I knew if I had died, I would go to Hell, so I called a friend who was a Christian and asked her if I could come with her to church.  I did and I gave my life to Jesus shortly after that. My life has completely changed.  Now I live for Jesus and He is my every thing.  I am an artist and a rapper and now I use that for God’s glory.  Thank you so much for your video and testimony.  God used it to reach me.  God bless you. – T.B.

Your Partnership Makes a Difference!

Discovering Truth

I am a science major in a top school program. I strongly repelled the notion of God previously. I considered myself a smart girl and a good person, but it was hard to believe the Bible and God. Then I got sick and started praying with a partial faith that Jesus would show me something to help me believe in Him. Somehow I came across your testimony on YouTube.  You totally convinced me. I know why God picked you Bill.  Just seeing see how sincere, serious, shy and reserved you are and how you left your career, made me believe in you and the loving/weeping arms of Jesus. I have gone from “religious people are weak and have a lack of science knowledge” to “I love Jesus and I am willing to give my life to Him. He is so full of wisdom. How dare I compare myself to Him?” God used you to save me. I believe in your testimony, hell and God. – C.Z.

Finding Jesus

I was saved because of this man’s testimony! I’m so grateful that he was obedient to tell of his experience. I will not be going to hell now because I received a good scare and wake up call and asked God to spare me from this horrid place! I was one of those people! Never read the bible…but I did buy this book for some odd reason…and God used it to save me!!!   I believe God sent this man to hell to come back and tell about it for stubborn people like myself who wouldn’t find it in the bible that I was not reading. I got saved after I read 23 Minutes in Hell so I’m extremely grateful! – M.P.